Segametal Engineering s.r.o. operates on a commodity market in the sphere of trade business:

- Sales division for steel metallurgical material for the energy , petrochemical , gas , mechanical engineering, chemical industry ,
- Building and design division dedicated to the design and implementation of complex structures and interiors division
- Sales Division of gas and petroleum products
- Sales Division of machinery

The company's history dates back to early 1991 with business activities of Mr . Petr Nachtmann , and later with Mrs. Mgr. Jana Nachtmannov√°. Company transformed in 1995 to SEGAMETAL s.r.o. , which was later transformed into SEGAMETAL SLOVAKIA, a.s. The company divided in 2006. After this division Segametal Engineering s.r.o. was founded.

The company has done a wide range of realizations/implementations. We are supplying companies, final customers and also assembly companies. In 2005, our company expanded by creating new division of Building and design, real estate and interior design and implementation. The division is focusing on atypical form of solution design and subsequent implementation of interior and exterior with a comprehensive turnkey delivery. In 2013 the company Segametal Engineering s.r.o. expanded with Sales division of gas and petroleum products, after Sales division of Machinery.


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